Are Arbor Skateboards Good? A Complete Review

Bob Carlson developed the Arbor collective brand. It began with snowboarding as its initial product in 1995. It soon expanded to include skateboards and soft products.

Arbor has developed a wide selection of skateboards in a variety of shapes using high-quality woodcraft over many years of innovation. Arbor is the first company to incorporate bamboo, bioplastic, recovered, and other recycled materials into their products. It focuses mostly on the utilization of recycled materials as well as wood and bamboo that has been properly obtained. Arbor was founded with the goal of producing high-end lifestyle skateboards with the minimal possible environmental impact.

Arbor skateboards offer a high-quality product, according to hundreds of reviews from previous and current consumers. They are lightweight, multipurpose, and long-lasting. Arbor skateboard decks, bearings, wheels, and trucks are always of the highest quality.

Furthermore, Arbor goods are protected by a three-year repair or replacement warranty, which ensures a pleasant experience for the consumer. Overall, Arbor is one of the greatest brands in terms of quality, performance, safe materials, and environmental stewardship.

What are Arbor skateboards made of?

Arbor skateboards are produced from sustainable woods and bamboo from well-managed forests. Arbor also increased its usage of bio-urethane and bio-plastic, as well as recycled, recovered, and renewable materials.

Arbor skateboards are they environmentally friendly?

Arbor skateboards emphasize the three R’s. Arbor makes use of the most environmentally friendly materials while adhering to the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle philosophy. Every product utilized here has been stretched using modern processes, and the majority of the building decks are made from recycled materials.

The use of recycled materials in their products lessens their environmental effect, and the wooden by-products are salvaged for use in Arbor products, repeating the cycle. Arbor also took part in initiatives like “Returning Roots,” which donates a portion of their proceeds to Hawaii’s Koa Forests.

Arbor skateboards are created in the United States.

Arbor skateboards are based in San Diego, California, and are created and manufactured there. Arbor snowboards were shifted to SWS in Dubai in 2013, and they began distribution to stores in Canada, Europe, and India in 2014.

How much do Arbor skateboards cost?

Arbor skateboards are, indeed, pricey. Arbor skateboards cost anywhere from $70 to $230, depending on the form, size, and material. However, in terms of performance, this is unquestionably good value for money.

Are Arbor skateboards good for beginners?

Arbors’ durable skate deck and appealing appearance are ideal for newcomers. Long wheelbases and large deck widths provide more stability and make it easier for first-timers to find their balance.

Is it possible to do tricks with Arbor skateboards?

Arbor skateboards are ideal for low-speed carving and cruising about town because of their compact size, beautiful design, and mellow flex. Arbor skateboards have a momentum core construction that enables for smooth, bump-free riding. This skateboard’s Venice recipe provides smooth cruising no matter how hard the route gets. Smooth riding will be taken to a new level with this full skateboard.

Is Arbor a decent snowboard manufacturer?

Arbor produces a large array of snowboards that are both durable and enjoyable to ride. Arbor’s Camber system features a parabolic camber, grip technology, and Up-Rise-Fenders for a fun ride.

Its positive arc increases edge-to-snow contact for a smooth transition into and out of turns; Up-Rise-Fenders raise the outside contact points 3° to prevent them from digging too deeply into the snow. The grip tech side cut on Arbor snowboards gives four ergonomic contact points underfoot to grip the snow for added control.

Is there grip tape on Arbor boards?

Arbor boards do come with grip tape. The boards have a distinct grip feature that varies depending on the deck. Concave, W concave, rocker, wheel flares, cut-out, and kick tails are all elements that may be found on boards. A 24′′ rockered platform and partially flush-mounted trucks are also used in the design to preserve the turning angle while giving greater slide control.

Are Arbor wheels a smart investment?

Arbor makes a wide range of wheels that are ideal for a variety of riding styles. Arbor wheels provide excellent traction on the road and are difficult to skid while riding. These wheels are ideal for carving, downhill skating, and cruising since they provide a smooth and comfortable ride. By creating additional room between the wheel and the underside of the deck, arbor wheel wells help to prevent wheel biting. It can take sharper corners with less bite since it has more wheel clearance.

What are the pros and cons of Arbor cruiser skateboards?

Arbor cruiser boards are well-made and entertaining. Smoother wheels, better bearings, Paris trucks, and a dynamic deck are all features you may expect. Arbor cruiser skateboards excel at carving, downhill riding, and rugged terrain. Arbors’ mini-cruise wheels are ideal for all-around quick commutes, and its dampening momentum makes for a more comfortable ride.

Is Arbor Longboarding a wise choice?

Arbor Longboards are constructed of high-quality materials and are suitable for freestyle, freeriding, and downhill riding. Arbor longboards are suitable for both beginners and intermediate skaters. Arbor longboards include Arbor Koa fish, Arbor timeless bamboo, pintail, and koa pintail.

What is the Arbor bamboo collection, and how does it differ from other bamboo collections?

The Arbor bamboo series is built entirely of bamboo and maple sourced from sustainable sources, with a wood waste salvaged for use in other goods. Pocket Rocket bamboo, Pilsner bamboo, Sizzler bamboo, Zeppelin bamboo, Fish bamboo, Axis 40 bamboo, Pocket Rocket bamboo deck, Pilsner bamboo deck, Sizzler bamboo deck, Fish bamboo deck, Zeppelin bamboo deck, and Axis 40 bamboo deck are among the bamboo collections available at Arbor.

Is Arbor a good deck builder?

Arbor produces excellent longboarding, skateboarding, and snowboarding decks. Arbor decks have a wide platform and a mid-length wheelbase, making them ideal for slicing through huge transitions. Its hybrid layout is ideal for skate parks, city streets, and can also be ridden as a cruiser.


What exactly is the Arbor Solstice line?

Arbor Solstice was created by the Arbor collective’s women to raise money for boarding for breast cancer sufferers. These Solstice collections are not only beautiful, but they also provide a quick, agile driving experience with maximal acceleration. Pilsner Solstice, Cucharon Solstice, Fish Solstice, and Axis 37 Solstice are just a few of the Arbor Solstices collections.

Is there a weight limit on Arbor Skateboards?

Arbor’s flagship Drop Cruiser was created with big riders in mind. It’s made of nine-ply Canadian hard rock maple and has soft, gripping wheels that are excellent for large riders up to 400 pounds.

Is Arbor’s Mini Skateboard a Good Buy?

Arbor mini skateboards include a solid top sheet and six piles of sustainably produced hard rock maple. These aesthetically pleasing small skateboards come with grip tape and recycled glass that is long-lasting and gives good grip without cutting your feet. Arbor Mini skateboard truck offers good high-speed stability and excellent turning capabilities.

Arbor Skateboards are available for purchase at the following locations.

Arbor skateboards can be purchased through online retailers such as Amazon,, eBay, Arbor has merchants in Asia, Europe, and North America, among other places. Empire, Blue Tomato, Sport Conrad, and Planet Sports all have them.

What Can I Do If My Skateboard Is Broken?

Arbor items come with a three-year warranty. If your Arbor skateboard is damaged, you can contact an authorized Arbor dealer to have it replaced or repaired.