Why can practice table tennis help lose weight effectively?

Today, many people are experiencing obesity and overweight, adversely affecting their lives, especially for women, the issue of being overweight is even more critical.

Moreover, being obese will lead you to be more susceptible to many diseases such as blood fat or other joint diseases.

That is why many people are now looking for ways to safely and effectively lose weight as quickly as possible.

The most chosen method by many people is to play active sports such as table tennis, badminton, soccer … to practice daily.

Among the sports we mentioned above, Table Tennis is the subject with the largest number of people participating in playing and practicing.

But not sure you know the reason why so many people choose Table Tennis to lose weight?

In this article, we would like to give some explanations for the question of why playing table tennis can effectively lose weight?

What is Table Tennis?

Table tennis help lost weight

Table tennis is an Olympic sport. They have a large number of players and practice in the world.
Table tennis is a collective sport with many single and double players depending on your game’s purpose.
This is a family sport that helps your family bond more affection, making family members closer.

To play ping pong, you need at least 2 players and need some of the following playing equipment:

  • Table tennis racket: The ping pong racket is one of the two indispensable kits in my training sessions.
    Usually, table tennis racquets are made up of 2 layers of blades made from laminated wood and the rubber is made from layers of rubber. There are a variety of paddles from beginner to advanced. However, if you are new to playing, you should not use expensive ping pong paddles.
  • Table tennis table: A table tennis table is one of the indispensable tools. A high-grade table tennis table is composed mainly of MDF wood and iron body frame, MDF is used for table tennis tabletops, while iron frames are used for legs and table supports. On the table tennis table, there are also accessories are nets & post set.
  • Table tennis robot: this is a pretty good support tool for you. Especially for those who practice alone
    or want to practice on your own if you are a beginner.
  • Ping pong paddle and ball holder: Extra equipment, but it will be of great help for you in keeping the racket and ball. It makes it easier to tidy up after playing. Besides, wall mount ping pong paddle holder is also an accessory to help your recreation room become more attractive. What’s more, imagine having a mount on your wall that will help stimulate you to want to play more.

Why can playing table tennis effectively lose weight?

Playing table tennis to lost weight

As you know, playing ping-pong, you need to have good health, strong hands, and flexible legs to play this game best.

Because in the process of training and playing this sport, you need to have flexible movement with high intensity of the feet, which helps your feet warm up and with high intensity for a long time. They can help you have firmer legs and eliminate, dissolve excess fat in the calf muscles.

Just like the legs, your arms also need flexibility as well as high-frequency movement so that you can launch blows, powerful strikes and serves that make your opponent unable to block. You need such force will require the strength of your hands.

Through polishing movements, the muscle groups on your arm will be removed fat giving you a toned arm, a firm chest and no fat accumulates in the muscle bundles.

The waist and abdomen are quite an active part of playing table tennis. In the process of moving back and forth around the game table, you need to have the swing of the ball, or the movement of leaning the ball.

In these movements, your waist will work extremely hard, thereby helping you to dissolve excess fat in your abdominal muscles. It helps you to get firmer, stronger abdominal muscles.

Also, playing table tennis helps you get a brain with better reflexes. In playing this game, you need to have the fastest and most accurate judgment and decision making.

Over time, you will have acumen in thinking and making quick decisions, so many people are choosing this sport.

Above we have given you some benefits as well as ways to lose weight by playing table tennis every day. I hope this answer will help you confirm that playing ping pong can effectively lose weight safely and quickly.

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The basic use for a miter saw is to make angled cuts. If you’ve invested in one, you’ve already decided that you need accurate angle cuts and don’t want to spend the time or energy making them with a hand saw or circular saw, or go to the trouble to use a table saw.

Any miter saw requires a stable surface to use it on. This is either a workbench or just a sturdy table. If you’ve got nothing else, you can use the ground, but that’s something to do if you have nothing else. Regardless, you want this saw to remain stable for safety and quality purposes.

How does a miter saw work?

Although there are individual differences depending on the manufacturer and features you want, miter saws are all built basically the same way. There’s a table on which you place your stock, up against a fence to hold it in place while you cut. Based on the miter angle you want, you can rotate the table.

Most miter saws also come with an angle, so you can position the blade to make bevel cuts. A basic safety feature you’ll want is a blade cover that only moves out of the way when you lower the spinning blade towards the table. There are three main types of miter saws: standard, compound, and sliding compound, all of which can make the following cuts.

4 types of angled cuts

There are four basic kinds of cuts that the best miter saws can perform. What you want to do will determine what kind of cut you’ll want to make. There’s no point trying to enumerate the different uses for those kinds of cuts, so we’ll just generalize and say there are four basic uses for a miter saw.

Once you have a miter saw that you like, you can use it to make any of the four basic cuts. A crosscut goes straight across the wood. A miter angle is a basic angled cut, used primarily for framing, and goes across the face of the wood. Cuts made relative to the edge of the wood are beveled cuts, and those are used to install weather stripping. When you combine both kinds of cuts into one, it’s a compound cut.

1/ Crosscut

Cuts across a board and against the grain are crosscuts. Cuts along the grain of the wood are almost always much longer and are called rips. Because the cuts a miter saw can make are limited to the diameter of the saw blade, most straight cuts with a miter saw are crosscuts.

You can make crosscuts with most saws, including hand saws. You can make better crosscuts with very little additional effort with table saws. You can also make them with a circular saw. If you make a crosscut with a miter side, it’s either because you just prefer the action of a miter saw, or you don’t have another power saw.

You make crosscuts to do a wide range of things, from getting wood to the right length for framing to basic furniture construction. They’re generally the crudest-looking cuts, but because there is the least wood-to-wood contact, they’re also the weakest.

2. Miter cut

A miter cut is an angled cut made along a crosscut face, usually at a 45-degree angle. They’re commonly used for projects like installing trim, where you need two pieces to fit snugly in a corner. They aren’t used for strength in that case, but because they are attractive. They’re also used when installing baseboard and crown molding.

Other uses for miter cuts are in making boxes, framing pictures, and making frames for windows, doors, and pipes.

3. Bevel cut

Bevel cuts are angled cuts made relative to the edge of the board. You can attempt to make them with hand tools, but they are very difficult to make and, even more important, to make accurately. To make a good beveled cut, it’s recommended that you use a power tool. Like the miter cut, most beveled cuts are made at 45 degrees. Those are not only the most attractive but the strongest.

Bevel cuts are used in installing trim and molding when you need to take it around a corner, either by making a negative angle cut or flipping what you’re cutting so that what will face out from the wall is on the bottom. You also use beveled cuts to install stripping for weather or to make geometric shapes.

4. Compound cut

The most complicated angled cut combines both miter and bevel cuts. You are cutting it at an angle across the grain while also cutting it at an angle relative to the wood’s edge. It’s an intimidating cut to make, and when someone gets frustrated installing trim, it is most often in trying to get a compound angle cut just right.

Trying to get a trim project right isn’t the only time you’d need to make one of these cuts. They are frequently also used in making serving trays and cradles. If you’re trying to make something look a little more sophisticated, you might try your hand at using one of these complex cuts.


If you’re cutting angles in wood, a great way to do it quickly is with a miter saw. It offers a quick, painless way to line up any of the four major kinds of angled cuts that will account for probably 95 percent of what you’d ever need.

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Table saw vs. Circular saw: Which One’s BEST For Home?

Both table saws and circular saws are important tools that woodworkers use. While both perform similar functions, there are a few key factors that separate these two tools. Before we discover which saw is right for your woodworking for home needs, let’s explore the primary functions of each tool.

Table saw

A table saw comes with a circular blade that is attached to the bottom surface of a tabletop. The material you need to cut is placed on the tabletop and pushed through the blade in the direction you want the cut.

The best feature of the table saw is that it gives a highly accurate cut. If your cuts are straight and continuous, you can be sure they will be accurate. There are many excellent table saws currently on the market. Dewalt DWS780 Vs Bosch GCM12SD

Circular Saw

While the table saw is a full table and blade, a circular saw is held in hand to function. It has a spinning blade; therefore, you need to be careful with the cuts. The movement of the hand you are holding the circular saw in guides the cut of material.

Therefore, the circular saw must be handled with precision. If there is a sudden wrong movement, the cut is inaccurately produced. However, a circular saw can be more efficient than a table saw. The only requirement is learning to use it without making any mistakes. If you can master the circular saw, it can perform the job of the table saw just as well and can cut through long wide material with the same accuracy.

Circular saws work upon electricity, motor, gasoline, or battery. Cordless circular saws are in great demand nowadays. This variety of power also makes it easy to use and carry along.

>>> Best Tile Saw Blades

Which saw is right for you?

When trying to determine the best type of saw for your tasks, consider your skill level and budget. If you have the money and want the best results out of your cuts, a table saw is the obvious choice. If you’re going to be making a lot of long and straight cuts, a table saw will make sawing a breeze. Also, if your material is wider and longer, a table saw can handle it as you simply place it on the table and push it through. A table saw can be used when you are working with any wood such as plywood, softwood, or hardwood. Not only this, a table saw can give efficient cuts for plastic, aluminum and believe it or not—even brass.

Just because table saws make a great option, circular saws shouldn’t be ruled out just yet. Not only are they significantly cheaper—they’re a lot more practical for woodworkers that are just getting started. Yes, they can be more difficult to work with in terms of providing precise cuts. However, as a beginner, getting familiar with measuring out cuts and using hand tools is great practice and guidance to becoming a professional woodworker.

Moreover, if you’re just cutting small pieces of wood, particularly if you’re a hobbyist woodworker just getting started, you may want to settle for a circular saw. Construction workers often use circular saws because of their practicality and portability. They can even be used to cut concrete blocks and joints. Not only this, if you need to cut through metal or plastic, you can easily use a circular saw to get the job done.

Therefore, you have two great options when deciding which saw is right for your woodworking needs. If you’re a woodworker on a budget or you primarily deal with small pieces of wood, a circular saw will serve you well. However, if you’re working with bigger and tougher materials and you prioritize precision, a table saw will get the job done with ease. Many woodworkers start off with a circular saw and work their way up to a table saw after mastering the trade. However, this is all up to you and your specific needs. We hope this helped you narrow down your decision and gives you confidence that you can make an educated purchase.

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What Kind of Bats Do Professional MLB Players Use?

One of the most significant actions in the game of baseball, bat swing, has fascinated millions of fans in this ball game. Legends were written from swings, such as Keith Hernandez (.344 mark in 1979), Mark Grace (over .303 on average in nine of 16 seasons), and so on. Essential factors to create a perfect swing require correct technique, natural talent, and of course, a fine bat. This article would take you into a closer look into bats chosen by professional MLB players.


In terms of material, most pro players choose wood bats produced from maple, which does not seem strange when you dig in some deeper knowledge in this material. Maple is a very dense, firm wood, mainly use to structure which requires high durability like bowling floor, cabinetry, or some high-end kitchen furniture. The baseball bat is not an exception, its material must have the ability to suffer powerful force continuously (the average ball speed thrown in the MLB is 90.9 mph). Another benefit of maple wood bats, make it to be more frequently used than ash wood bats is its extremely responsive barrel, it provides players the most sensitive feeling as soon as the bat is in contact with the ball. The percentage of players using maple wood bat in the MLB outweighed others with 95%.

bats chosen by players


Secondly, we would like to introduce you to which brands are most popular in this major league. Marucci is highly used in MLB with a percentage of 28,83%. Followed by Marucci is one another renowned brand namely Victus, with 18,36% players used. A percentage of 5% lower is accounted for Louisville Slugger (13,67%). Old Hickory, Chandler, and Rawlings have not taken their approach into this league effectively with humble statics, at only 11,33%, 5%, and 10% respectively. Here are the exact numbers extracted from the week of 6/17/2019 (from BatDigest):

  • Marucci – 28.83%
  • Victus – 18.36%
  • Slugger – 13.67%
  • Old Hickory – 11.33%
  • Sam Bat – 6.44%
  • Chandler – 5.47%
  • Rawlings – 5.08%
  • Tucci – 3.88%
  • B45 Bats – 3.13%

Do not change bats too often

Another interesting note is that well-experienced baseball hitters do not change their bats too often. Some of them keep their bats for their entire career (we do not mean the same bat, but the same brand and model). Legends like Derek Jeter and Mike Trout have basically swung explosively by the same bat every time. By contrast, MLB starters change their bat too frequently that the statics on paper outdated as soon as it announced. Moreover, some young players have a tendency of changing their bat in the middle of the game. This feature is usually been taken to making fake stats in many baseball brands. They could use the statement that their bat is used by 60, 70, 80 percent of professional players, while sometimes many products of them are only used one and never be brought into competitions again. Many unwise consumers may be blinded by these figures and made a blunder of buying products with a tremendous number on the price tag.

Origin and History of Baseball – Did you know?

Sure everyone knows the most developed baseball in the United States, but many don’t know the sport’s origins and history.

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Origin of baseball.

There are many different opinions, so up to now we still do not know the exact origin of baseball. Here are the most noticeable comments:

Baseball evolved from older bat-and-ball games already being played in England by the mid-18th century. This game followed the migration of people to North America – where it developed as it is today. By the late 19th century, baseball was widely recognized as the national sport of the United States.

According to many studies of scientists in the world, baseball appeared in Egypt around 2400 BC. Archaeologists have found sticks and balls that look like these sports equipment now dating back more than 2000 years, which are stored in the British Museum in London.

There are also many references, Abner Doubleday was the inventor of upstate baseball in New York. But a few thought that he was the only contributor to the idea of ​​inventing the baseball field (or its diamond shape) as we know it today.

On the other hand, the creator of the baseball rule is a New York bookseller named Alexander Cartwright, he founded a team called The Knickerbockers in 1839, wrote baseball rules in 1845 (US Congress had adopted in 1953) and held its first matches in the United States on June 19, 1846, in Hoboken, New Jersey. However, the first baseball games were not in North America, but in Canada and in 1838.

There are also many historical sites, items from ancient times in some other countries to conclude that baseball sport has existed for a long time.

Baseball history – Some notable milestones:

1845: Cartwright formalizes the rules

1846: Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York City and New York Baseball Club is the first recorded baseball game.

1857: 25 representative teams discuss rules and issues at the first official conference.

1858: Foundation of the National Baseball Player Association.

1860: Some teams have to leave because of war, but the soldiers help spread the sport to regions across the country.

1868: At the annual conference there are 100 teams

1871: The National Association becomes the first professional baseball tournament

1875: The National Association was renamed the National Federation

1882: American Union Association established

1884: The American Union is forced to close after just one season because of financial difficulties

1901: The American Federation emerges as another fighting tournament

1903: The first World Series is played

1911: the introduction of a ball with a cork center helped ease the way for the match

1914: Confederation federation tried to establish itself, failing after only two seasons

1960: the threat of another tournament makes the current two leagues expand from 16 to 24 teams.

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Although there is much debate about the origin of baseball. But undeniably, the United States is the place that turned baseball into a professional, popular and popular sport, and further spread it to other countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan. …