Hi, I am Julio who is in charge of the content of this Website. After a series of articles about assessing the best punching bags, standard BOB punching bags & BOB XL, and more recently, the article on how to practice punching bags at home (part 1). These posts are of high value, well appreciated by people. Today I continue to share tips on practicing with punching bags at home (part 2). In the previous section we learned how to use the punching bags by hand (straight punch, cross punch, hook from bottom to top), and in this section I will talk about how to practice humanoid punching bags.

First, just like every other workout, you need to warm up carefully before starting. Exercises such as jogging in place, pushing 50 times, plank 2-3 minutes, jumping rope jack .. Note, the warm-up should be gentle, suitable for each person’s health, no exact figures for everyone.

In the skill of using the legs to practice with punching bags, there are three different types, used in three different situations, they are:

First, kick your foot from left to right (for your left foot) by turning your hips from left to right and in combination with a slight rotation of the right ankle to move on the floor (purpose to keep the body balanced when kicking the foot) or kicking your foot from right to left (for the right foot) by turning the hips from right to left and combined with a slight rotation of the left ankle to move on the floor (purpose of keeping the body balanced when kicking the foot). This kicking posture is suitable for attacking or when the opponent is vulnerable, we will attack immediately. You can kick your lower leg like kicking your thigh, kicking your opponent’s lower calf, causing the opponent to lose balance, possibly falling. Or you can kick the high leg to the side, to the head of the opponent, causing the opponent to hurt, collapse.

Second, kick the hind legs. This stone pose is almost the same as the first one, except that you rotate your ankles more and combine them with your hips at a 180-degree angle. With this kicking pose you can only kick your legs from the stomach up to your face. The advantage is a strong force, fast speed, the opponent is hard to avoid attacks.

Third, use your knees to practice with the punching bag. When you hold a fist (or opponent), you can use your knee to ram into the opponent’s abdomen or chest. Or if in Muaythai, you can jump up and combine with your knees to hit the opponent’s face. The advantage of this posture is that the force is very strong if the opponent is hit, the probability of falling is high.

Above are three kicking poses for you to practice at home with your punching bag.

Hello, see you again and wish you success.