Today, many people are experiencing obesity and overweight, adversely affecting their lives, especially for women, the issue of being overweight is even more critical.

Moreover, being obese will lead you to be more susceptible to many diseases such as blood fat or other joint diseases.

That is why many people are now looking for ways to safely and effectively lose weight as quickly as possible.

The most chosen method by many people is to play active sports such as table tennis, badminton, soccer … to practice daily.

Among the sports we mentioned above, Table Tennis is the subject with the largest number of people participating in playing and practicing.

But not sure you know the reason why so many people choose Table Tennis to lose weight?

In this article, we would like to give some explanations for the question of why playing table tennis can effectively lose weight?

What is Table Tennis?

Table tennis help lost weight

Table tennis is an Olympic sport. They have a large number of players and practice in the world.
Table tennis is a collective sport with many single and double players depending on your game’s purpose.
This is a family sport that helps your family bond more affection, making family members closer.

To play ping pong, you need at least 2 players and need some of the following playing equipment:

  • Table tennis racket: The ping pong racket is one of the two indispensable kits in my training sessions.
    Usually, table tennis racquets are made up of 2 layers of blades made from laminated wood and the rubber is made from layers of rubber. There are a variety of paddles from beginner to advanced. However, if you are new to playing, you should not use expensive ping pong paddles.
  • Table tennis table: A table tennis table is one of the indispensable tools. A high-grade table tennis table is composed mainly of MDF wood and iron body frame, MDF is used for table tennis tabletops, while iron frames are used for legs and table supports. On the table tennis table, there are also accessories are nets & post set.
  • Table tennis robot: this is a pretty good support tool for you. Especially for those who practice alone
    or want to practice on your own if you are a beginner.
  • Ping pong paddle and ball holder: Extra equipment, but it will be of great help for you in keeping the racket and ball. It makes it easier to tidy up after playing. Besides, wall mount ping pong paddle holder is also an accessory to help your recreation room become more attractive. What’s more, imagine having a mount on your wall that will help stimulate you to want to play more.

Why can playing table tennis effectively lose weight?

Playing table tennis to lost weight

As you know, playing ping-pong, you need to have good health, strong hands, and flexible legs to play this game best.

Because in the process of training and playing this sport, you need to have flexible movement with high intensity of the feet, which helps your feet warm up and with high intensity for a long time. They can help you have firmer legs and eliminate, dissolve excess fat in the calf muscles.

Just like the legs, your arms also need flexibility as well as high-frequency movement so that you can launch blows, powerful strikes and serves that make your opponent unable to block. You need such force will require the strength of your hands.

Through polishing movements, the muscle groups on your arm will be removed fat giving you a toned arm, a firm chest and no fat accumulates in the muscle bundles.

The waist and abdomen are quite an active part of playing table tennis. In the process of moving back and forth around the game table, you need to have the swing of the ball, or the movement of leaning the ball.

In these movements, your waist will work extremely hard, thereby helping you to dissolve excess fat in your abdominal muscles. It helps you to get firmer, stronger abdominal muscles.

Also, playing table tennis helps you get a brain with better reflexes. In playing this game, you need to have the fastest and most accurate judgment and decision making.

Over time, you will have acumen in thinking and making quick decisions, so many people are choosing this sport.

Above we have given you some benefits as well as ways to lose weight by playing table tennis every day. I hope this answer will help you confirm that playing ping pong can effectively lose weight safely and quickly.

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